Bart's projects

Pong (npong, specifically) in a qr code. (requires LÖVE installed).

 Low gravity in CubeCreate.

My match against thelinx (I am capitalist.)


A quick screencast of Volley Brawl. (As seen in the Ubuntu Software Center!)

Volley Brawl’s page in the Ubuntu Software Center.

Volley brawl in the paid apps list in the Ubuntu Software Center.

Another visualization of the love hg tree, rendered with gource instead, and due to the very long rendering times, I cut it off at 07 September 2009.

A commit visualization of the LÖVE hg source tree created with code_swarm.

Bitwise operations in lua, the poor man's way

Normally I wouldn’t link articles like this (maybe I should?), but this time I am credited!

nlove (now with sound) running on both a Caanoo and Dingoo.

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